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[27 Mar 2005|05:32pm]
we never actually got around to coloring eggs last night at all. dave, corrie, meganb., and kaitlin picked me up around 11 last night and we went to rayland park. not a good choice. it was almost as muddy as the cemetary during the zombie hunt. and of course after the park we ended up at eatnpark. what else do we ever do? megan simcox came to eatnpark and me her and kaitlin drove dave away with our random outbursts into song after playing the dot-square game and MASH. around 4 am we went to Kroger and megan bought grits. i guess easter means grits pie to megan.

i am watching the food channel and god damn do i ever want pizza right now! easter dinner at my grandma's sucked. i didnt expect it to be good. everything had meat, cheese, milk, or butter on it. except for some cold pasta salad, and the vegetable tray. oh well. i got some fruit and twenty bucks from my mom. oh plus, my mom gave me a 260 dollar check to pay for school. but i have to pay her back in may. whatever. at least i can scheduale my classes now. wow this guy on "the secret life of...pizza" is so fucking annoying.

i should be working on my peacemaking project. it was supposed to be done last thursday, but i didnt have time to get everything done. so i decided my project could wait til tuesday. i really should be doing some sort of homework. i think i am going to eat some cold noodles and smoke a cigarette now though. i cant wait for this semester to be over. i definitely want summer to be here.
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everytime i see my icon i laugh [20 Mar 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

formal was the best. i got really drunk, and danced with Jess's dad to "Pussy Control" mayne a little too close. haha. and the radio engineer i work with kissed me on the cheek twice, i feel closer to him now. haha. steph and i danced too, and steph won a dance contest! she won the New Kids on the Block bag with a pillow with a radio built into it. awesome. oh and this kid named richard was there and for some reason when he said hello to me i slapped him as hard as i could across the face! i really dont know why i did it at all. i love it. i also danced and thumb wrestled with gay boys. i love Larry and Garret! they are too fucking cute. also i love dan and paco they are so fun and i will really miss mary lyn when she is gone. we fought last night. it was fun. oh my god rara hit me so hard in the chest i have a bruise now on my right boob. oh and i got my ass grabbed by a townie last night too! what the fuck! i swear i mean i looked like a fat boy in a dress, WHY DID I GET MY ASS GRABBED BY A TOWNIE!!!???!!!

aparently this girl named chris "fell out" of her dress like 4 times. and yet i missed it all 4 times. oh well i have seen them before at the Delta lounge when she decided to show everyone her nipple rings multiple times. haha.

also apparently i bite steph on the upper cheek and made her bleed. i do not remember this though. but then
again i was really drunk.
my nails were the best thing though. i painted them myself! all different colors with different colored polka dots. i love them! and they are going to stay painted until god knows when.

oh my steph and i watched "A Cinderella Story" tonite and i actually enjoyed it. the soundtrack is so good. oh my what is happening to me.

BEST NEWS EVER!!: i am going to be a RA on Kelley 1 next year!!! and my floor partner seems really cool, and she is a soci major just like me. so that is really cool.

and that is all for now...

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formal is tonite!! [19 Mar 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | a little bummed, but excited ]

ok well i wrote a big giant entry and it got erased...and i am not re-writing it. so here's the rundown:

1) formal is tonite. friends from home and "date" all bailed.
2) steph is now my "date".
3)peace rally in cambridge today was great, steph spoke and was the best, there was much hootin' and hollarin'.
4)my hair sucks and i want it to be longer so i can do fun shit to it once again.
5)i am never shaving my armpits or legs ever agian. i shaved my armpits and i hate the way it looks/feels. remind me never to do that again.
6)i have to get ready for formal = throw on dress, green army jacket, flip-flops, and let steph do my make up i guess.
7)...i didnt have a seventh thing...

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"boo, you whore!" [18 Mar 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i got sun burnt today. the Veg club had a cookout on the quad today it was so fucking nice out too. we gave away boca burgers and smart dogs. we gave away a lot but now i smell like onions and soy dogs. i need to shower, and when i do i am so shaving. oh yes shaving for the first time since last june. all for formal. oh my god! my dress for formal is best!! it is a black show choir dress with sequins that shine with rainbow colors. i love it! only it is a little big in the boobage area, becuase i borrowed it from my friend luara who has a larger chest than i do. but jess, laura and i decided that i should just stuff my hest to make it fill out, haha. god i cant wait. i just dont know what i am going to look foreward to when formal is over.

i get to work desk with steph tonite. working a goonie sucks 9-2am. oh well i get to watch mean girls, if we can find a DVD player. man oh man i love me some lindsey lohan!

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oh fuck yeah! [15 Mar 2005|05:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

steph just made the best photo documentary ever! oh clarence the bear, what scandals have you gotten yourself into now?

I CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

formal is gonna be the best thing since New Kids on the Block i swear! what am i gonna do after it is over? i guess i will just die...or wait for next year when steph and i revive it as we have been instructed to do. uh-oh i have class soon, well fuck.

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i dont know anyone named Burton... [14 Mar 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i had one of the best trips home ever! i couldnt believe it. i went home saturday afternoon and my mom didnt say anything negative about my new piercing, she fixed my pants, sewed me some little cutesy things, and a pillowcase. then we went to dinner at her favorite restuarant with my brother (after she filled up my gas tank, and bought me a pack of cigarettes). while we were eating the waitress said something to my mom about having another son with her, and my mom just kinda laughed and said no this is my daughter. it was awesome she wasnt embarrassed or anything. then we went home and i just hung out and talked to her for a while and we watched dumb and dumber and she swed me some more things. i realized this weekend that my mom is the coolest and i am so lucky to have her that is for sure. but enought of that...around 9:30 i called my friend kaitie and went to Indigo in wheeling to hang out with her. she usually works there, but she wasnt that night. anyway so she knows everyone, and it was really fun, even though we basically just sat around, talked and smoked. oh there was an arm wrestling contest at 1, and this chick with a mullet and a drag king were deadlocked for about 2 and half minutes or something, and finally the mullet previaled. it was fucking intense! but then this girl named Carrie went up against the mullet and kicked her ass in like 20 seconds. Carrie won the female competition and got a 15 dollar bar tab. kaitie also asked me if she could come visit me at school sometime, like for a weekend, and i mentioned Formal and so now i have a date to formal. yay. i just hope my fucking car is working and i can go pick her and kaitlin up, if it isnt i dont know what i am going to do, but it woulid suck if they couldnt come. i just might cry. well anyway, kaitie and i stayed til the bar closed at 3, then i drove her to her house in brilliant and i never realized how shitty the roads are on 7. insanely bad, potholes and bumps everwhere. but when we got to her house we saw these little deer standing in the yard and they were so fucking cute! we finally made it inside and watched the original Stepford Wives. god that movie is creepy. i was totally surprised, becuase i saw teh remake and then this one and i thought it was going to be like the remake, but it was not at all. and the movie seemed to last forever. we finally went to sleep at 6am, light coming through the windows while i am trying to sleep is not good.

so later that day when i finally got home...it took me an hour becuase i am a dumbass and went all the way back through Ferry instead of just going through Dillionvale and Mt. Pleasant which would have taken 20 minutes. anyway so i get home and go to Walmart with my mom and she bought me shoes, well flip-flops, but they work as new shoes for me. then we went home and i finally said goodbye to Charo and made my way back to school. i was in such a good mood too,even though Jess's fish died and i had to flush it. and then i had to go pick someone up at the bus station and when i got back my fucking car died. i think it is the alternator or maybe the starter. at any rate i cant afford to fix it and this sucks.

ok i have to go write two papers now, and pray that i get them done before 12:30 tommorow, especially since i have a shit-load of other things to do as well.

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[12 Mar 2005|10:43am]
[ mood | awake ]

i was planning on going home friday night and hanging out with mr. dave, but then i talked to my mom and she said the roads were really bad and i should wait til morning. so for once i listened to my mum. luckily, i didnt have to spend the night watching television alone at mary lyn's house. melissa and paco let me come to thier house and have dinner and hang out. they are fun people. but i am going home tonight no matter what. i just hope the roads are better by tonite. i am supposed to go to wheeling and hang out at Indigo, but if the roads are bad i dont know if i will be able to, and i have been looking foreward to this all week. man i am really going to miss charo. i cant wait til i go to grad school and can find a place where she can live with me, which hopefully i will be able to do. she is so bad and i love her for it.

i found this Bigwig song i really like. i have had the cd for years and i never realized how good it is before.

Stand Up:
Every race and creed please come along, We need the masses to help us sing this song, I know we'll win, I know we're right, Fuck your borders, Fuck your flags, Come together, Let's unite! Rivalry with no communication, We will win! Labeled as the X Generation, We will win! Cleaning up what you left behind, We will win! No tolerance for any opposition, We will win! It's my right! It's my life! No one's listening to you! Sometimes there's need to be extreme, Don't let anything come between your dreams, They fucked it up. We pay for their mistake, Go fuckin' nuts, You only get to live once! Rivalry with no communication, We will win! Labeled as the X Generation, We will win! Cleaning up what you left behind, We will win! No tolerance for any opposition, We will win! It's my right! It's my life! No one's listening to you!

i love kids in the hall so much. they are so not politically correct and lovely. i will leave you one of my favorite quotes, it cracks my shit up.

"Conclusions: Yes, Christ was a great philosophical and religious leader; perhaps, ever as some maintian, the Savior or Messiah. But, it seems clear the He had few career options. As a carpenter, He was incompetent. He would've been unable to construct the simple crucifix upon which ultimately He met his Martyrdom. Now, I know that these views are going to be controversial. But, I am also aware that if Christina Appelgate were to express them wearing a halter top, you'd eat it up. Thanks!" - Dave Foley (my personal Lord and Savior)

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[11 Mar 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | hmmm... ]

so i will be in town for anyone who shall also be there, and is reading this. so if you want to hang out friday let me know. i have plans saturday night, so i am only availible on friday. i say this like there is going to be a huge demand to hang out with me, haha.

anyway...i really should be writing these two papers i have due on Tuesday, but its spring break, and i dont want to do any work at all. plus, i have just been drinking alone a lot this week. steph has been really busy and so she has been gone a lot. and melissa comes over about once a day, but for the majority of the day i am alone, and bored, and so i just start dinking. fun fun. not really. i did figure out my schedual for next semester, and what classes i have to take before i graduate.

i still have so much t.v. to watch. melissa and paco let me borrow a million things. like everyday they would bring over a new DVD. i watched the entire season 2 of Kids in the Hall, i have French and Saunders (british, hilarious), season 2 of Ren and Stimpy, Brass Eyes (british fake news stuff, supposedly very funny), Showgirls (worst movie ever, starring Jesse from Saved By the Bell, she is so fucking terrible and she has the worst ass i have ever seen, and i have seen a fair share of asses in my day), Space Ghost Coast to Coast vol.1, and The L Word (i expected to hate it, because i hate Queer as Folk, but i love it and i watched the first 7 episodes, it is just so fucking good!) i think that is it, but i may have more and i just lost track.

i burnt my hand today making food. damn it. it kinda hurts.

i am excited to see everyone this weekend. so excited for saturday! then sping break will be over and i can continue my regular school life. sweet...

oh p.s. steph got the girl scout camp job, and the lady really wants me to call her and talk to her and steph said i will pretty much definitely get the job. so i am way on top of that tommorow morning! YES! EMPLOYMENT!!

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[04 Mar 2005|12:40pm]
athens here i come!

gosh my hair is getting sooo long (well for my standards) and soon it will be long enough to mohawk again. i promised miss annabeth cohen that i would get another mohawk before she graduates this may. i hope i can do it. and after that i am growing a mullet! oh yes a captain planet mullet. and next year there will be a mullet formal. keeping the tradition alive!

god i am so super excited for jess and ra's formal. it is gonna be the most fun ever. and miss megan and miss kaitlin are coming down for it. and we may be getting a hotel room for the night, cause that would be super fun and really want to. i just hope kate and meg arent all "oh i dont know...i dont think i can afford it...blah blah blah." BAH! i cant afford it either but i still am doing it. even though i have no idea how i shall get the money for it, i will worry about that later.

alright steph and i have to drop stuff off at mary lyn's and then head on out. athens bound!
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a real update for once. [01 Mar 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

man i can't believe how fast this semester is going by. it's already the week before spring break! damn where did the time go? oh that's right i dont care! the begining of this semester was the worst time i ever had at college, including when i first got here and didnt talk to anyone or leave my room unless i had class for the first two weeks. it's wierd becuase some really great things happened, but then things happened that just made my life a living hell. but, i am over it now. i think the last part of the semester will be better. i got this internship, i got an RA position for next year, and i got my nose pierced! thanks to steph, best belated birthday present ever!

i am a little worried about this summer though, plus the fact that i have yet to pay school off this semester. its not too bad though. i only owe 260 dollars, which is a lot less than i have had to pay in the past. i wish i cared more about classes too. i know i need to do well this semester and keep my scholarships, and whatnot, but i just cant seem to give a damn. hmm...perplexing.

we have been going to Denny's a lot this semester too. it makes me miss hanging out with my high school friends at Eatn'Park and Denny's. i have been missing the old crew a lot these days. and its not like i dont have fucking awesome friends here, but i just cant help it. i wish i could bring my college friends and my high school friends together and have it be a mega-super awesome friendship thing. that would be great, and solve my problems. or maybe just create new ones, because i know that not all of them would get along (as evidenced by me bringing nicki into the fold this summer, she took some getting used to for some of those silly Ferrians). but all in all i would like that.

i am really excited about the clothesline project. we pushed it back like 5 weeks and we got coverage in the newspaper. i need to make my shirt, but i dont know what i can put on it. i mean i am pretty much over what happened to me during my childhood, well what i remember anyway. i just never want it to happen to another woman ever again. ok maybe i am not over it, cause i really just want to find Bob and fucking break his kneecaps. i fucking hate that asshole! i wish my mom never would have married him, but that is all in the past and there is nothing i can do about it now. and there was nothing i could do about it then either, i mean i was only 5 when she married him. how was i suppose to know he would turn out the way he did. i cant talk about this anymore. haha i have to go to a floor meeting and talk about this at 9, damn how am i gonna pull that one off. man i need a cigarette now, and of course i am out. fuck.

steph and i (well steph did all the actual work, i just sat there and nodded my little head) made a powerpoint presentation about why we should be floor partners next year. it is so fucking rad! i cant wait to show it to the boss lady. i hope they say yes and let us be on the same floor. that would be great. i have been hearing it wont happen, but i can dream cant i?

i have had so many sleepovers this weekend:thursday night, friday night, and monday night. man oh man sleepovers are fun. last night we watched B.A.P.S (that's Black American Princesses just in case you didnt know), god that movie is so terrible. ok i will admit there ARE funny parts, but all in all it is a very bad movie. and damn Halle Berry and her ghetto ass, where did it come from?!!???!!

over spring break i am going to live like Gandhi for a couple days. it is for a paper. i plan on sleeping out if it is not too cold. i have a new kids on the block sleeping bag that's good enough right?

man this is the longest entry i have written in awhile. good thing no one will bother to read all of it.
p.s. note to self: remember to get pictures of new nose ring online.

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[27 Feb 2005|06:45am]
[ mood | got to get some sleep now ]

i stayed up so late i watched the sunrise this morning. it was beautiful.

i have seen the "mr. brightside" video by the killers 3 times tonite/this morning 3 times. i like that song.

the nick at night commercial where they flash alot of graphics with the live televison makes me want to puke or siezure i am not sure which.

no sleep and too many cigarettes makes me kinda shakey. dont know if i like it or not.

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[26 Feb 2005|10:11am]
drinking on a friday night what could be more fun. especially at a professor's house when she is not there. god i have so much shit to do. la la la i dont really feel like updating right now so steph and i are going to breakfast at the grease palace.

oh p.s. i got insurance AND new tires for my car! how exciting is that, and becuase one of my hubcaps shattered when they were taking them off i got 4 new ones for FREE! oh yeah they look like spinners but they are not, now my car has bling and i am pretty darn excited about it.
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[24 Feb 2005|06:01pm]
first i just got back from sled riding and i landed in some sewage and it was gross and steph laughed at me. next i have not updated in forever. charo is going home or to richards i dont know which. the snow was really awesome today, like movie snowflakes. it was gerat. more to come later i have mad meetings tonite and a sleepover with steph. cant wait oh yeah. ok bye.
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[16 Feb 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | fuck them all ]

i just watched Boys Don't Cry and it was literally the saddest movie i have ever seen. what's worse is the at it is a true story! i cant believe (or maybe just dont want to believe) that shit like that really happens to people. why cant everyone just act like cats and not give a fuck what other people do in thier own personal lives. i never want to encounter people like brandon does in the movie. fuck nebraska and fuck ohio and fuck everywhere else where shit like that happens. i am not going into details becuase i dont want to ruin the movie for anyone. i suggest if you have never seen it you go out and rent it, but be warned you WILL need tissues. it just makes me sad, and a little afraid of the kind of world i live in.

i just had to get this down before i go to class.

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[16 Feb 2005|02:56pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

i had my RA interview today. i hope i did alright. i got some great coaching from steph and taumi and i thank them for it. holy shit i just found out Fabio has a new show called Mr. Romance! i cant wait to watch it. well i am going to go watch Boys Don't Cry with steph. boys may not cry, but i image i will be, bring on the tissues!

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[13 Feb 2005|09:40am]

If i was a serial killer i would be Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper, by far the most notorious killer of all time. What would drive a man to kill 5 prostitutes, surgically mutilate the bodies, then stop, to never be heard from again? Most of the murders were pretty much the same, the victim had her throat cut and her abdomen exposed, the intestines were placed over her right shoulder and sometimes a kidney or even the heart had been removed.

Jack the RIpper's murders are still unsolved.

Kill count: 5

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!
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[13 Feb 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | tired ]

i just got back from Melissa's. it was really fun and dinner was delicious, and i thought before i went that it might be awkward, becuase it was me, melissa, her husband paco, mary lyn, and her partner dan. so i thought i was going to be a 5th wheel type person, but it wasnt like that at all. dinner was completely vegan and really really good. paco is a goood cook. we talked about some fucking random shit too like people selling children for sex, i mean like 5,6,7,year olds! isnt that fucked up, and apparently a good drop off point is DisneyLand, becuase so many people and children go through each day that no one would notice someone coming in with a bunch of kids and leave with none. sickening. i mean i love me a good dead baby joke, but that is just too much. and this has been going on since the time of the Romans! back then they would put some of the children in cages so then would be deformed, and those children would be worth more money if they had a hunchback or something. i guess Anne Steele would have been a hot commodidty back then. *shudder*

i am watching this show on the travel channel and the natives of someplace are splitting open logs and pulling these long white things out of them and eating them, i guess they are sweet. i like the native's tattoos, and thier jewelary. some of the women have thier teeth sharpened for beauty. that is so fucking cool.

erin made a quiz for the WRC house everyone should take it and tell me your results. http://quizilla.com/users/synonymforloss/quizzes/Which%20WRC%20housemate%20are%20you%3F/

i think Jess is buying me a new pair of chucks for my birthday (that was like a month ago). thats so cool of her, though i feel bad she is wasting her money on me, but if she really wants to then how can i stop her. i do need new shoes.

tomorrow i have group interviews for RA applications. i hope i do ok. i really want to get this thing. i know it will probably ruin my life like mary lyn says, but i like the idea of a room to myself and meeting the new freshman. it would be really fun to share a floor with steph, that would be down right super. i think we would balance each other out nicely. i would be the bitchy RA everyone hates, and steph would be the fun one that everyone loves. i could live with that.

Night Court and Murphy Brown are coming out on dvd!!!!! someone please buy them for me!!!

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[12 Feb 2005|10:54am]
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god i am bored and boring.
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[11 Feb 2005|11:15pm]
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i went with steph to Canton today to met with her dad. her little brother was there and he is a hoot. he kept calling me corey, and once refered to me as "him" and asked me why i had holes in my pants. it was funny.

i am bored tonite. i am also very tired, but i dont want to go to sleep. well i kinda do want to go to sleep but my stomach is being stupid. fucking traitorous body. i hate three's company why do i continue to watch it?
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[11 Feb 2005|01:23pm]
it has been so fucking cold the last few days! steph was sick this morning so i got to do the show all by myself. it was pretty fun, i rambled about steve urkel. also i had a meeting with the internship people and i get to set up luch meeting with the mental health people. fun fun. tonite i am blowing off vagina craft night and go with steoh to met her dad in Canton. oh well. someone will take care of it i'm sure. i am appling to be an RA next year. that means charo can not live with me. so i have to let her stay somewhere else. i think green party richard is going to cat-sit for me for about a school year. that way i will be able to visit her a lot. but i am slightly afraid charo will end up loving him more than me. but it must be done. i get to present on xena in media ethics! sweet!

Vagina Monologues!! Monday 14,2005. Kelley Coffee House. BE THERE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!
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