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a real update for once.

man i can't believe how fast this semester is going by. it's already the week before spring break! damn where did the time go? oh that's right i dont care! the begining of this semester was the worst time i ever had at college, including when i first got here and didnt talk to anyone or leave my room unless i had class for the first two weeks. it's wierd becuase some really great things happened, but then things happened that just made my life a living hell. but, i am over it now. i think the last part of the semester will be better. i got this internship, i got an RA position for next year, and i got my nose pierced! thanks to steph, best belated birthday present ever!

i am a little worried about this summer though, plus the fact that i have yet to pay school off this semester. its not too bad though. i only owe 260 dollars, which is a lot less than i have had to pay in the past. i wish i cared more about classes too. i know i need to do well this semester and keep my scholarships, and whatnot, but i just cant seem to give a damn. hmm...perplexing.

we have been going to Denny's a lot this semester too. it makes me miss hanging out with my high school friends at Eatn'Park and Denny's. i have been missing the old crew a lot these days. and its not like i dont have fucking awesome friends here, but i just cant help it. i wish i could bring my college friends and my high school friends together and have it be a mega-super awesome friendship thing. that would be great, and solve my problems. or maybe just create new ones, because i know that not all of them would get along (as evidenced by me bringing nicki into the fold this summer, she took some getting used to for some of those silly Ferrians). but all in all i would like that.

i am really excited about the clothesline project. we pushed it back like 5 weeks and we got coverage in the newspaper. i need to make my shirt, but i dont know what i can put on it. i mean i am pretty much over what happened to me during my childhood, well what i remember anyway. i just never want it to happen to another woman ever again. ok maybe i am not over it, cause i really just want to find Bob and fucking break his kneecaps. i fucking hate that asshole! i wish my mom never would have married him, but that is all in the past and there is nothing i can do about it now. and there was nothing i could do about it then either, i mean i was only 5 when she married him. how was i suppose to know he would turn out the way he did. i cant talk about this anymore. haha i have to go to a floor meeting and talk about this at 9, damn how am i gonna pull that one off. man i need a cigarette now, and of course i am out. fuck.

steph and i (well steph did all the actual work, i just sat there and nodded my little head) made a powerpoint presentation about why we should be floor partners next year. it is so fucking rad! i cant wait to show it to the boss lady. i hope they say yes and let us be on the same floor. that would be great. i have been hearing it wont happen, but i can dream cant i?

i have had so many sleepovers this weekend:thursday night, friday night, and monday night. man oh man sleepovers are fun. last night we watched B.A.P.S (that's Black American Princesses just in case you didnt know), god that movie is so terrible. ok i will admit there ARE funny parts, but all in all it is a very bad movie. and damn Halle Berry and her ghetto ass, where did it come from?!!???!!

over spring break i am going to live like Gandhi for a couple days. it is for a paper. i plan on sleeping out if it is not too cold. i have a new kids on the block sleeping bag that's good enough right?

man this is the longest entry i have written in awhile. good thing no one will bother to read all of it.
p.s. note to self: remember to get pictures of new nose ring online.
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