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"boo, you whore!"

i got sun burnt today. the Veg club had a cookout on the quad today it was so fucking nice out too. we gave away boca burgers and smart dogs. we gave away a lot but now i smell like onions and soy dogs. i need to shower, and when i do i am so shaving. oh yes shaving for the first time since last june. all for formal. oh my god! my dress for formal is best!! it is a black show choir dress with sequins that shine with rainbow colors. i love it! only it is a little big in the boobage area, becuase i borrowed it from my friend luara who has a larger chest than i do. but jess, laura and i decided that i should just stuff my hest to make it fill out, haha. god i cant wait. i just dont know what i am going to look foreward to when formal is over.

i get to work desk with steph tonite. working a goonie sucks 9-2am. oh well i get to watch mean girls, if we can find a DVD player. man oh man i love me some lindsey lohan!
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