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formal is tonite!!

ok well i wrote a big giant entry and it got erased...and i am not re-writing it. so here's the rundown:

1) formal is tonite. friends from home and "date" all bailed.
2) steph is now my "date".
3)peace rally in cambridge today was great, steph spoke and was the best, there was much hootin' and hollarin'.
4)my hair sucks and i want it to be longer so i can do fun shit to it once again.
5)i am never shaving my armpits or legs ever agian. i shaved my armpits and i hate the way it looks/feels. remind me never to do that again.
6)i have to get ready for formal = throw on dress, green army jacket, flip-flops, and let steph do my make up i guess.
7)...i didnt have a seventh thing...
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