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everytime i see my icon i laugh

formal was the best. i got really drunk, and danced with Jess's dad to "Pussy Control" mayne a little too close. haha. and the radio engineer i work with kissed me on the cheek twice, i feel closer to him now. haha. steph and i danced too, and steph won a dance contest! she won the New Kids on the Block bag with a pillow with a radio built into it. awesome. oh and this kid named richard was there and for some reason when he said hello to me i slapped him as hard as i could across the face! i really dont know why i did it at all. i love it. i also danced and thumb wrestled with gay boys. i love Larry and Garret! they are too fucking cute. also i love dan and paco they are so fun and i will really miss mary lyn when she is gone. we fought last night. it was fun. oh my god rara hit me so hard in the chest i have a bruise now on my right boob. oh and i got my ass grabbed by a townie last night too! what the fuck! i swear i mean i looked like a fat boy in a dress, WHY DID I GET MY ASS GRABBED BY A TOWNIE!!!???!!!

aparently this girl named chris "fell out" of her dress like 4 times. and yet i missed it all 4 times. oh well i have seen them before at the Delta lounge when she decided to show everyone her nipple rings multiple times. haha.

also apparently i bite steph on the upper cheek and made her bleed. i do not remember this though. but then
again i was really drunk.
my nails were the best thing though. i painted them myself! all different colors with different colored polka dots. i love them! and they are going to stay painted until god knows when.

oh my steph and i watched "A Cinderella Story" tonite and i actually enjoyed it. the soundtrack is so good. oh my what is happening to me.

BEST NEWS EVER!!: i am going to be a RA on Kelley 1 next year!!! and my floor partner seems really cool, and she is a soci major just like me. so that is really cool.

and that is all for now...
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